Lead Generation overview

The Lead Generation unit lets you

  • Incentivise your members to refer your gym to their friends.
  • Monitor referrals, track leads and manage them through to signing up new members
  • Experiment with different offers and adverts to find the one that your members and their friends find most attractive
  • See at a glance how your campaigns are progressing with powerful reporting features
  • If you already have a Lead Management system, you can also arrange for Leads from the app to be passed into your Lead Management system so you can manage all leads in one place.

Results can be dramatic, cost effective and lucrative. For example:









An advert is shown to your members on one of the tiles on the app home screen. When they click on this they are shown an Ad which invites them to send the Offer to their friends, using whatever messaging method they like to use – this can be different for each referral.


When the friend receives the member’s message, they click on the link and are invited to fill in their details. They then get a coupon for the offer.


Meanwhile gym staff can monitor on the cockpit dashboard when each referral is sent, when each friend responds and generates a lead and how many leads convert.


Set-up steps

Click here for Lead Generation Setup Steps.