Set up Lead Gen Legal and Company info

The Legal and Company info are shown in the Offer journey seen by the prospect:


The Legal Info is shown to the prospect if they click on Imprint / Privacy Policy anywhere in the journey. This Legal Info can be specific to the Lead Generation.

In Step 2 when the prospect is asked for their details, there is also a link to the Privacy Notice defined for the Account -- this is typically a more generic Privacy Notice that should include information on how you intend to process this information.

The Company Info is used to

  • Display the company address
  • Show the map (sourced from Google)
  • Link to the website
  • Provide the phone number for the Call to make an appointment button
  • Provide the email address for the Email Us  button

To set up the Legal Info or Company Info:

  1. Click on the Lead Generation tab (if you can't see this, contact your Reseller support and ask them to enable Lead Generation -- this is an extra cost option)


  2. If this is your first use of the Lead Gen feature, click on the appropriate  green button. If it's not your first use, click on the settings top right and make the appropriate selection from the menu.Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_15.57.42.png
  3. Enter your Legal info text -- note that currently you cannot add hyperlinks to this text Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_15.55.58.png
  4. For Company Info, enter our info into each field:
    • These will appear in the appropriate field about
    • The external site ID will appear in the web hook and other integrations to link to third party systems.
    • The address fields are passed to Google to come up with the map -- it's a good idea to check this as it can be a bit US-centric...
    • The image should be a company/facility logo image with dimensions of 1024 x256 pixels or similar (with a 4 to 1 aspect ratio)
    • The Processor Email is a new field which can be used by an external lead management solutions to send the lead to a particular club. This email is not seen by the prospect. Some technical expertise is required to use this currently, if you're interested in this please contact your Reseller Support and as for help on this.
    • Note that the Email field is seen by the prospect if they want to contact the club.

Note that the Company info and a map of the company address are shown in the Offer to the prospect. Most people set up a single company as their membership covers access to all sites. If you want to promote membership for each site individually, you can create multiple Company entries, one for each site, multiple Offers, one for each site, and select the appropriate Company (site) for each Offer.

Now you've set these up, you can go and set up the Lead Gen Offer.