Set up the Lead Gen Offer

Once you've set up the Legal Info and Company you can set up the Offer. This is what the prospect sees (the "friend" that receives the referral). If you really want to drive new member sign-up, it's good to give prospects some sort of incentive over and above your usual joining offer. Typical incentives are:

  • Free PT induction
  • No joining fee
  • First month free

You can create multiple offers and see which one(s) work best for you.

To set up the Offer:

1. Click on the Offer tab and then on + New offer


2. In the Offer tab, fill in the boxes. You'll see your offer being composed on the right as you enter text.


3. Select the Lead Capture Settings tab and select which fields you want the prospect to enter. Note that all the fields you select will be required fields (the prospect has to enter them), so to encourage take-up it's best to ask for the minimum you need.

If you select the new Company field, this will automatically show a select box for the prospect to select which site to join. The list of sites is the list of Companies you've set up.


4. Select the new Lead Conversion Settings tab and select which buttons you want to display on the coupon.  You'll see the coupon being composed on the right as you select options.


4a. Configuring a web link


This is a powerful function that allows continuation of the user journey.  For example if the lead selects a company in the sign up process this can be passed to a registration page as a parameter so that the lead doesn't need to enter the company again.  This requires the receiving webpage to be built to accept these parameters.

Warning: if you add a web link to your Join Online, hopefully some of your leads will go and join up without any interaction required from you. In case this happy situation occurs and you're using the cockpit process management to manage you leads:

  1. BEFORE you contact any lead, you should do a quick check in your member management system to check if they've already joined.
  2. IF they have, you should mark them as a CLOSED lead in the cockpit so you don't accidentally call them again. 

Next you'll want to go and set up the Lead Gen Ad.