Set up the Lead Gen Ad

The Ad is what the member sees in the app. You're asking your members to help you to recruit their friends, so you should give them some incentive to do this. Typical examples are:

  • Refer a friend and get 1 month free
  • Refer a friend and get £15 cash back 
  • Refer a friend and get free sports bottle

To set up the Ad:

1. In the Offers tab, click Create Referral Ad and select for App (Refer Friend)


2. Fill in the fields to create the offer -- you can see how it will look in the app to your members as you type. Make the Ad appealing to your members and make the details clear -- for example, that you'll give them free month for each friend that joins. You may also want to add explicit instructions such as "Enter your details and use the buttons below to send referrals to your friends."


3. Click on the Share Templates tab. Here you created the templated messages that will be sent by your member to their friend. So these templates are addressing the friend (the prospect) so you should reference the Offer for the friend that you created in the Offer section. You can craft the message for each channel, Facebook is public so may be more formal, WhatsApp is more personal so you should adapt your message for the different channels, this can have a big impact on results. Each message needs to have the ##COUPONURL## offer link in it, this will automatically be replaced by a trackable URL when the message is sent to the friend.


4. Click on the Referral Settings tab. Here you configure what information you need from the member to be able to identify them to give them their rewards. As ever, the less info you require the greater the chance someone will complete this, so ask for the minimum.


5. Click Update at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Next you should set up your Lead Gen module and home screen tile.