New Lead Generation Features

We've made some major improvements to Lead Generation in response to feedback:

  1. It's now much simpler for operators with multiple sites to manage Lead Generation and track responses from different sites. Previously they had to set up a Company, Offer and Ad per site. Now one Offer and Ad can cover all sites.
  2. Previously it was assumed that the prospect wanted to join the same site as the referrer. Where an operator has sites close together, that's not necessarily the case -- my referrer may workout in the West End, but I may want to join the City Centre club. Now the prospect can select the site they're interested in when they provide their details.
  3. The call-to-action on the coupon was fixed as click to call or print only. Now you can also click to join (on a website) or email (with an enquiry). And you can configure all (or none) of these calls-to-action.
  4. We've added better integration with external lead management solutions. You can specify an email recipient per club so external logic can send all the leads for a club to the right person.
  5. Currently interfacing to external lead management solutions requires technical expertise. We're planning as a second step to provide built-in interfaces to some popular lead management solutions. Watch this space...

The specific changes that enable this are:


  • An additional company field, processor email, has been added to the company details.  This is included in the web hook giving extra functionality to integrations. See here for details.


  • It is now possible to configure the coupon page to configure additional buttons such as email or a web link (e.g. sign up).  You can also turn off the Call button. This is in the Offer Lead Conversion settings.


  • You can configure each module/tile to choose the company/site as well as the Ad. This means one Offer and one Ad can be used across the estate without needing to make duplicates. See here for details.


See The Lead Generation Setup steps for full details.

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