Adding an Event Schedule to your App

You can add one or more Event Schedule modules to your app home screen -- you might want to add one for your pool timetable and one for your calendar of events (fun runs, fund raisers, etc.)

To add an Event Schedule to your app home screen:

  1. Select the Content tab on the left, click +Module, scroll down to find the Event Schedule module and click Create. If you can't find the Event Schedule in the list of modules, contact your reseller account manager, it may not have been activated on your account.Screenshot_2020-01-21_22.55.39.png
  2. In the module properties page that appears, enter a Name for your module so you can find it, then select a layout -- for a pool timetable with sessions every day, you'll want Calendar view -- for a schedule of infrequent events, you'll want List view.Screenshot_2020-01-21_23.06.51.png
  3. Select the Event Program and the number of Days you want to show, then select the Location you want to show and click Add. You can add multiple locations. Screenshot_2020-01-21_23.11.32.png
  4. You can also filter by Categories, Events and Trainers. We're about to add to the UI the ability to filter on Sub Locations also -- if you need this, please contact your reseller support to request it and we can set this up in "in the backend" pending the UI changes. Once you're done click Create. Your new module will be created and shown in the Offline section (it's not yet linked to a home screen tile).
  5. Switch to Preview to see the home screen, select the tile you want to link to, select your module to link it and Save.Screenshot_2020-01-21_23.20.17.png
  6. Open your app on your phone and check the schedule appears as you'd like it.Screenshot_2020-01-21_23.24.22.png
  7. Next you can set up the Event Schedule web widget for your website.