Configure the Event Schedule


When you first go to the Event Schedule you'll be asked Create an Event Program


If you already have a Program configure and you want to add another one or manage an existing one, click on the drop-down arrow and select Manage Programs:


Then click + Add Program to add a new one or the pencil icon to manage an existing program:


A program is a group of schedules that belong together. For example you might create one Event Program of all Swimming Timetables across all of your centres and another for a calendar of Sporting Events linked to your Centre.

Note that when you come to filtering or selecting items, you can only filter or select items within a Program. So keep related schedules together in one Program and don't be tempted to have a Program for each centre:


 Configuration tab

Next, configure the items under the Configuration tab:


  1. Set up your Locations. These are typically your centres. Click the Add+ button to add a centre, fill in the details and click Save. If you don't have the Latitude and Longitude, locate your centre on Google Maps, right-click and select What's here ? and Google will show you.Screenshot_2020-01-20_18.05.12.png
  2. Next set up your Sub Locations -- these are typically the different pools you have within each centre. Select Configuration -> Sub Location and then click + Add Sub LocationScreenshot_2020-01-20_18.12.20.png
  3. Next set up your Categories -- these allow your users to filter sessions to find what they're looking for. Select Configuration -> Category and then click + Add Category. Categories have a colour associated with them which makes it easier for you and your staff to navigate the event view of the schedule and for your users to see what's on when. Use contrasting colours that look good together.Screenshot_2020-01-20_18.20.20.pngScreenshot_2020-01-20_18.23.24.png
  4. You can also configure a Trainer and Level (as in level of difficulty) for sessions, although most pool schedules would not include these. You can omit them.
  5. Now you can configure your Event Types -- these are the different types of sessions you have in your pool timetable. Select Configuration -> Event Types and then click + Add Event Type. It's good practise to always add an Image to keep app users engaged. The Long Description is used by the Event Type module and can include images, videos and formatted text to explain in detail how your sessions work.Screenshot_2020-01-20_19.33.50.pngScreenshot_2020-01-20_19.48.08.png

Job done, you're now ready to go and start Defining the Event Schedule rules. Don't worry if you've forgotten an Event Type or need to add a Category or Location, you can edit and add to the configuration any time as you go along.